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DP-9889 Spiral Wound Gasket


Spiral Wound Gasket

Non-metal sealing filler (expanded graphite, PTFE, asbestos, non-asbestos) with certain width continiuously spirals with steel strip, and be spot welded in both of ends will be a complete spiral wound gasket. According to flange's type, can be added inner ring, outer ring or both of them, then, the gaskets will be SWG with inner ring, SWG with outer ring. This gasket is good in stress compensation and sealing effect, suitable for valves with high temperature and pressure or frequently changing of temperature. Spiral wound gasket with the filler of PTFE is suggested to in application with strong acid, alkali and high demand of cleanness pressure up to 250 bar and cryogenic temperatures as low as - 200 ํC and up to elevated temperatures of 1000 ํC.

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